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Establishing it premium and foremost educational and training centre in Singapore, along Manhattan Road. It was inaugurated in 22 March 2009 with the combination effort of four dynamic individuals who have farsighted goals in their mind in progressing Whizheartz Edu-Centre. A one-stop training programme provider for parents, children, government agencies and corporate companies..

what we do

Most of the people were not fully developed yet into their best that they can be. Bear in mind that we should learn to understand our inborn talents and unleash our potential. Do make your time available at Whizheartz – a place that could transform oneself into through the next stage of life in our adulthood. Many times learning through books is not sufficient and going through trial and error methods and eventually make it to the top of the corporate ladder, but some of us don’t.

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One-stop training programme

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Do not worry about not getting into the correct workshop. At Whizheartz, they adopted a simple way to understand oneself – Dermatoglyphics or Fingerprint Analysis which is a scientific research in 1823 having prints analysize; knowing the predominant intelligence lie and groom them in that areas.

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Our brains are differentiated, not only by left and right (which is what we would usually think it is), but in 5 different segments as well. Why are some people gifted in sports, and others in arts, whilst some others in sciences?

Infocomm Technology Courses (ICT)

WhizHeartz Edu-Centre is one of the preferred training partners of Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (iDA) and People Association (PA) since 2009. We have rich experiences in conducting basic computing skills programme, International Computer Drivers License (ICDL) and various Microsoft office training.

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Life Skills for the Adults

For young graduates who have started working, we also have courses cater to this group of people. Likewise, we would use the latest methodologies and technologies to enable each working adults to reach for their success in their careers and industry.

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Life Skills for the Children

WhizHeartz understands that every child is unique and has a wide range of strengths and interests, and they have different learning style and speed. Every child has great potential to learn and experience life. Very often, parents neglect this important area in their life and the great potential remains untapped.

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This is an ongoing WSQ training project we have been embarking on since early 2016. Our pool of trainers has empowered thousands of learners on the usage of basic computere

Infocomm Technology Trainers

WSQ training project



sales training

sales training

SkillsFuture Courses Developers

SkillsFuture courses

latest News

Whizheartz has been invited to partner the state government of Malaysia to start a series of training to benefit the youths from year 2017 to 2018.

Business Award – Promising SME 500

Whizheartz Edu-Centre was founded in the year 2009 and it is our honour to be awarded the “Promising SME 500” on 05/09/2013.

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Date with Professor Tommy Koh (Ambassador-at-Large)

Our Trainer, Ms Lim Lee Lee has personally painted a picture of one of the Singapore icons, the Merlion.

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Nick Sim’s Sharing at Singapore Polytechnic

On 22nd March 2013, our Director, Mr. Nick Sim was being invited by Singapore Polytechnic – Enterprise Centre to share his entrepreneurship journey.

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